Huawei has launched the P30 Pro, and the new smartphone has a lot to offer. But is it really the great success that Huawei promises with its great advertising campaign? We want to know what you think about it: do you think that the P30 Pro is a success or rather a failure? Is it your new favorite or does it leave you totally indifferent?

Especially when it comes to the camera, the P30 Pro is a real cannon. Wide angle, more zoom than any other, and a new type of sensor designed to make possible better photos with less light. At least, during our preliminary camera analysis we have been very impressed. In addition, the Huawei P30 Pro looks great and has excellent performance. The battery also promises a lot.

However, there are also criticisms. Some followers of Huawei are disappointed that a smartphone as expensive as the P30 Pro does not have a higher resolution screen. The rejection of 3D facial unlocking also bothers many users, not to mention the increasing similarity between the P and Mate series.

What do you think about this phone? Is it a success or a failure?