Huawei P30 Pro: Success or Failure??

Huawei has launched the P30 Pro, and the new smartphone has a lot to offer. But is it really the great success that Huawei promises with its great advertising campaign? We want to know what you think about it: do you think that the P30 Pro is a success or rather a failure? Is it your new favorite or does it leave you totally indifferent?

Especially when it comes to the camera, the P30 Pro is a real cannon. Wide angle, more zoom than any other, and a new type of sensor designed to make possible better photos with less light. At least, during our preliminary camera analysis we have been very impressed. In addition, the Huawei P30 Pro looks great and has excellent performance. The battery also promises a lot.

However, there are also criticisms. Some followers of Huawei are disappointed that a smartphone as expensive as the P30 Pro does not have a higher resolution screen. The rejection of 3D facial unlocking also bothers many users, not to mention the increasing similarity between the P and Mate series.

What do you think about this phone? Is it a success or a failure?

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Google I/O 2019: what can we expect?

As every year, the most anticipated event by Android developers and fans is just around the corner. Google I / O 2019 will take place again in May and again in the beautiful amphitheater of Mountain View, California. There will be many news among the new Pixel, Android Q, AI, AR / VR and the vast world of application development. The official calendar of sessions for developers is online. Ready?

Google I / O 2019: when and where will it take place?

This year the appointment for Google I / O is from May 7 to 9. The place chosen for the event is once again the Shoreline amphitheater in Mountain View, now a traditional stage for the event of the great G.

One thing we can be sure of: the key moment will be the opening event and then there will be 3 days of workshops that will also be retransmitted so that anyone interested in the topics discussed can follow them.

What can be expected from Google I/O 2019?

Google I / O still has some clear revelations for Android fans, and that’s when we expect to be informed about the key features of an Android 10 Q almost ripe by then and have the opportunity to test the beta.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

Rumors about the new mid-range Pixels have existed for a long time. Formerly known as Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL, the new mid-range smartphones from Google would finally have a different name: Pixel 3a and 3a XL.

Google Stadia

Formalized at the Game Developer’s Conference 2019 in San Francisco, Project Stadia is the Google gaming streaming service. According to Sundar Pichai, the idea is to build “a gaming platform for everyone”, eliminating the barriers that prevent players from accessing the most sophisticated games of the moment. During Google I/O, Google could provide more information, including the release date.

Android Q

The first beta versions of Android Q, presented in March, focused on announcing new features specific to developers. We hope that Google offers us more clues about the new operating system.

AI, VR and AR

There will be a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI). In addition Google will show the world its progress with smart home, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), applications and themes dedicated to developers (after all, Google I/O is an event dedicated to them ).

The calendar of sessions already online

Finally, the official website dedicated to the event includes a calendar of everything that will happen during this Google I/O. As always, there will be many sessions dedicated to the developers that will also be broadcast and will take place in the hours and days following the inevitable master conference.

Among the most interesting sessions are those dedicated to the new streaming service of Google Stadia and Linux games in Chrome OS.

They will also talk about the development of local applications thanks to the dedicated hardware that the company presented earlier this month, called Google Coral. Topics such as Google Maps and Assistants, Kotlin, Firebase and many specific sessions for experienced and novice developers will be covered.

Obviously we will keep you informed of all the news that is presented and we will provide you as soon as possible the link to the streaming so you can follow the event.

What interests you the most about Google I / O?

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5 Features of OnePlus’s OxygenOS 9 You Must Know

OxygenOS is an interface relatively close to Android Stock. The most recent version is 9.0.4 (at the time of writing this article) and is based on Android Pie, but do you know how to use it completely?

The Gaming Mode

Many users use their smartphones with automatic devices. They configure the device as they want it to be, and then they always use the same applications and shortcuts. Probably, many people do not know that in the shortcuts proposed at the top, when you pull the notification bar, there is a game mode.

This mode is very interesting if you like to play from time to time. Its activation blocks the display of notifications, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Its use is not just a simple “do not disturb” function, but it also adapts the configuration of the network so that you have an optimal connection, as well as a brightness management system.

OnePlus’s OxygenOS 9 Gaming Mode

You can configure this menu manually in Settings> Utilities> Game mode, or by long-pressing the shortcut in the notification bar menu. Then, you can indicate what to do in each situation: optimization of the network (as explained above), automatic brightness, notifications, answering calls through the loudspeaker and adding applications for automatic launch.

Navigation Gestures Instead of Virtual Keys

Google wants to offer a new navigation system on Android: no more virtual keys, no more gestural commands. Unfortunately, it will take a while before Android Q is enabled by default in Android, fortunately some manufacturers such as OnePlus or OPPO (to name just two) already offer this feature.

You simply have to go to Settings> Navigation Bar> Navigation Actions to activate them. The controls are very simple: a slight slide from the bottom up on the side replaces the return key, a short slide from the bottom up replaces the start button and a long slide from the bottom up allows you to start multitasking.

OxygenOS 9 Navigation Bar and Gestures

App Locker

By default, OnePlus offers a protection system for your applications: in this way you will need a code to open them. This can be useful, for example, for parents who want to prevent their children from accessing certain applications.

Go to Settings> Utilities> Encrypt applications and enter the applications you want to block. Keep in mind that in this same menu you can also choose to hide the content of the notifications of the selected applications.

OnePlus App Locker

The Shelf Menu

For several generations of smartphones, OnePlus has placed a menu to the left of the home screen by default. It is called Shelf and is intended to provide a quick overview of various information (storage, battery, weather, etc.), as well as some quick accesses, including recent applications and contacts. It is useful for some, totally useless for others. If you are in the second category, you will be glad to know that you can deactivate it.

Just press a little while on the home screen, and then enter “Home Settings” in the lower right. Deactivate Shelf, and then it’s done. Since you are here, you can take a look at the other options in this menu, for example, customize the application drawer.

OxygenOS 9 Shelf Menu

Reading Mode

OnePlus understands that smartphone users like to use their device just to read. A news website, an electronic book in the Kindle application … If you want to read on your smartphone, you can do it comfortably, right?

OnePlus Reading Mode

Therefore, OnePlus offers a mode dedicated to this type of use from your OnePlus 5. You can enable it in the quick shortcuts at the top and you will see the nuance of the screen change for a more pleasant reading. You can also find the function in the settings (click the icon in the quick access buttons at the top) and set it to be activated automatically with some applications or to block notifications.

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