Oh oh ~ ~ baby, welcome to Fashion Princess Country Tour. Pretty princess and her baby are waiting for you ~ ~
Pretty Princess is pregnant for several months,but she still works hard.Recently she has a few days off and she goes to the country for tour with her husband.She also wants to give birth to the baby.The verdant trees,the flying birds and the fresh air make the family feel very comfortable.Princess gives herself a beauty salon and check up the baby if it is healthy.After the baby is coming to the world,the princess dress herself with pretty beach clothes and wear cute hats for the lovely baby.They sit on the benches and enjoy the sunshine in the beautiful world.What a pleasant day it is !The princess also prepares many toys for her baby ,the baby is playing happily with the shower taken .The princess gives the baby sweet kisses as she watches and stares.The holiday goes quickly!~ ~ well, what’s more? Come and enjoy it!

- Give pretty princess a facial makeup
- Help pretty princess take a shower of petals
- Help pretty princess give birth to a lovely baby
- Dress up the most fashionable country tour clothes for the pretty princess
- Wear cute hats for the lovely babies
- Various toys are available for babies
- Mommy’s sweet kisses for the lovely baby and we’ll see the healthy infant
- Exquisite and fluent flash, adorable and fresh drawing

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