The app for managing small-scale sports tournament games.

League information and participant information to configure a league Entering etc. (Full league, half the league, points)

When you automatically generate a schedule of games and enter the result of the game is reflected in the results it will be displayed immediately in the rankings.

Rank mark applies automatically calculated in points, gains and losses, net score.

Particularly useful in managing the results of the e- sports league consisting of small-scale (football games, baseball games, and other games, etc.)

- How to use -

1. When you run the app, you have the + button on the main page. Please click on the + button.
2. Click the + button to switch to the screen where you can create a league.
3. press League names, Pool League or not, the + button of the input such as points and team (personnel) added.
4. Team (staff), press the + button to add the participant can put the name of the sub name, image (to be supported). Enter the information and press the "OK" button to complete the team added.
5. When the configuration is complete, press the top league of the "OK" button (created once the league will not be modified, please carefully created.)
6. Click an item is created, there is a new item to the list if the league is created, you can check the league info.
7. Once the game is finished, please put your score by clicking the appropriate game. If you put your score by clicking the "OK" button, the information is stored.
8. If you want to see the current ranking. Click on the "current priority". Go to the "Current rank" page.

- Notes -
League name, team (personnel) name, sub name, including all inputs,;,: | You can not use the letter that corresponds. If the character is using the program, you may experience problems.

by designer

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