Hello! Are you ready for the best "lock screen themes"?
If you like pandas, then you surely want to decorate your home screen with our new "lock screen app"!
We present you new cute and lovely "lock screen" for smartphones or tablets.
"Zipper lock screen" keeps your mobile lock screen beautiful and customized your way and shows you important notifications at a glance.
This is a free zip locker app for Smartphone screen. Easy and simple locker made for people who aren't really concerned with screen lock security or passwords. If you are a true Panda lover then you surely want to decorate your home screen with

🐼 Panda Zipper Lock Screen 🐼

"Zipper Screen Lock" is a beautiful and awesome lock application for your smartphone . Set panda themes on your home screen.
You can decorate your screen with lovely backgrounds, pendents and zippy chains. It is very easy to use.

and you can create your perfect "zipper applock"!

🐼 "Panda Zipper Lock Screen" is not only a private guard. It provides various useful widgets and interesting themes for decorating your lock screen while protecting privacy and ensuring security.
This app is also the "passcode lock screen" so no one can enter into your phone without correct four digit password. Also "passcode locker" shows notifications about missed calls and new messages. You can simply click on the notification to call back or answer on text message.


Beautiful "lock screen wallpapers" will be the best lock screen for your phone or tablet. Cover your screen with cute pandas!

🐼 How to set your new "lock screen themes":
1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box;
2. Enter your password and then reenter the same password for confirmation;
3. Now you can customize your lock screen theme:
🐼 Set your background (choose among 6 images)!
🐼 Choose am/pm or 24h time setting!
🐼 Turn date on/off!
🐼 Choose the date format on display!
🐼 Show or hide battery!
🐼 High security, prevent accessing your phone without password!
Use this amazing opportunity to “download free zipper lock screen for android” and get your own cute wallpapers.
We've collected the best wallpapers with cute animals like pandas! Download free "applock screen". The most beautiful "panda wallpaper" themes and you will find beautiful backgrounds in high definition.
🐼 Prepare yourself for the most popular lock screen app on the market! With this amazing “theme changer” your worries concerning the protection of your privacy can now be sent to past.

🐼 Pull the zipper to the end of your screen to unlock the phone decorated with a colorful panda background and begin your magical journey. This unique “cute zipper lock screen” is just waiting for the right girl to decorate her locked screen!
There are many sweet panda themes to customize your lock screen and lots of cute wallpapers to make your phone look amazing!!!
Just scroll down zip to down and unlocked your phone.

🐼 Download lock screen for tablet or phone with “panda backgrounds” and start feeling amazing now! Beautify your lock screen with these cute animals and enjoy!

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