Pixelmon Mod Battle MCPE is the most complete mod to play with Pets on one popular game as Minecraft. Mod mcpe pixelmon it's a guide and installer for Minecraft free. Read the instructions and download the map.mcworld to play instantly!

Be the first to complete your Pokedex and catch them all! Pokecraft mod it's free!

- PokeDex available, know your pets and their attack and deffense.
- More than 20 nice look custom models.
- Center and GYM to fight with other online users. Get the medal of each GYM and be the first to win on the battle arena.
- Pixelmon supports end on 2018 but you can still play offline with the map file. Enjoy and download mod pixelmon mcpe.

This mod it's the most popular mod on minecraft pe mods with thousands download.

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