Let's make my own entertainment company with the world's best entertainment company!

- Pocket idol is a Touch / Idle game that casts artists with various personality, creates my own planning company, and cultivates artists.

★★ Meet 40 artists with a wide variety of personality. ★★

- lease bring up artists who have various personalities and skills and nurture them.
- Through entertainment activities, Artists gain fans, ability values and skills grow, and appearance changes fashionably.
- Artists all have their own skills and they can receive bonuses for entertainment activities that are appropriate for skill.
- After you have casted several artists, you can collect the artists and form your own group to release the album.
- You can further grow your entertainment company with the money you earn from the activities of the artists.

- Please expect more artists to be updated.

★★ Re-contract and Promotion with Artist ★★

- When the artist is fully upbringed, you can renew the contract. When you sign a contract, the appearance changes nicely and the artist becomes more capable.
- You can promote your artist by wearing the costumes that the artist acquired through the referral and collecting all the costumes that the artist needs.

■■ Game updates and news can be check on Facebook and Official Cafe. ■■
Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/pocketidol
Facebook: http://www.studio-r.co.kr/

■■ Pocket idol is the first Touch / Idle game developed by Independent development team Studio R. ■■

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