The Sky Falcons is a Co-Op cross-platform multiplayer online action game integrated with missions, promotions and military sanctions systems.

Each group of players should formulate an alliance from different Arabian Air Forces and accomplish together a specific mission.

Destroying any of your alliance members (even by mistake) might expose you to many military sanctions. On the other hand, good performance in the field might bring you new promotions and higher military ranks which will qualify you for new and more difficult missions.

Simply, The Sky Falcons is an IMPRESSIVE & ADDICTIVE experience that you should LIVE!!

Game Features:
1) Special complicated AI system (Never underestimate your opponent)
2) Military sanctions and promotions system which analyzes your behavior in the field
3) High quality of graphics for the mobile platform. It should run smoothly even on relatively old devices
4) Well-programmed multiplayer system customized for fast-movements and events required by such dynamic game.
5) Sever - Client Data Exchange is minimized and optimized for the best possible performance
6) Text & Voice chat communication system between each alliance members, even in the field

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