Join our Closed Beta Test during Jun 14th 8am to Jun 20th 7am (GMT+0). Progression will be wiped after the test.

Welcome to Ultimate Football Club! The Open Beta version will have 8 languages, including English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese(simplified), and Chinese(traditional).

Ultimate Football Club (UFC), the sensational football game published by EFUN is the joint brainchild of CAPSTONE and Mobcast Games. UFC is officially licensed by FIFPro World Players’ Union, including names and portraits rights of over 5,000 players from 66 national teams and over 100 clubs. You’ll also get to play as Legendary players such as Michael Owen, Luis Figo, Guti, Deco, Roberto Carlos, and Gianfranco Zola!
Every football fan has a dream team which is hard to come by in reality. Today is the day when your dream comes true! In Ultimate Football Club, you will create your dream team with star players such as Messi, C. Ronaldo, Bale, Ramos, and Torres and lead them in Russia World Cup.
World-leading motion capture technology with actual players as models, hyper-realistic 3D animation and top notch graphics and engines make it possible to offer you complete freedom and realistic gaming experience!

--- Absolute freedom and customizable stars
UFC features absolute freedom and extensive customization options. You can recruit your favorite players and stars to build clubs, and make use of training levels, tiers, skills and allocating stats to mold players to their playing style!

---Easy and liberating controls
Dribble and pass with ease from a 360-degrees panoramic view. Swipe the screen and control the match with pinpoint accuracy. Choose the direction and location of your passes and command the positioning of the entire team. Attack and defend in unity and beat your opponent in the field!

---Plan, manage, and dominate the pitch
You can change lineups, formations, and tactics anytime during the match. UFC isn’t just about getting the best players, it also challenges your judgement on players and tactical prowess. Flexible teams capable of responding quickly to the changing situation will reign supreme on the pitch.

---Perfect rendering of realstic environments
UFC features dynamic backgrounds and motion sensing technologies. Weather as well as lighting of the stadium will change with the time and season. In-game graphics are created using state-of-the-art motion capture technologies with the help of actual players and meticulous 3D modeling to provide you with the immersive gaming experience.

---8 languages and global launch
UFC is the first football game to be launched globally with live cross-server matches. 8 languages includes: Play the game in any of the following languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Interaction-intensive cross-server global competition platforms allow you to go beyond national boundaries and initiate live matches against fellow gamers from around the world!

---Run your own club and boost revenue
Every club is furnished with an exclusive set of club facilities. As the club manager, you must upgrade stadiums to improve seating capacity and ticket prices to raise club income, manage the fan center to expand seat occupancy in home games, and upgrade medical facilities to minimize player injuries!

---Free player transfer market
We often enjoy the hustle and bustle of transfer market in the world of football. Now you can experience the excitement in UFC as well! The cross-server player transfer platform allows you to quickly hunt down your favorite players and sign them to your club.

======Device Requirements======
Recommended: RAM 1.5 GB or Above
Minimum: RAM 1 GB or Above

======Contact us======

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