Rejuvenation Kim is tired of everyday life!
Rejuvenate him and let him live a new life~
Rejuvenation can power up to gain stronger weapons!
◎Strengthen various weapons!!
Strengthen over 260 weapons to raise your attack power and gold harvesting!!
Raise skills which also focus on weapons!!
◎Rejuvenate to earn relics!!
Rejuvenation Kim wants to get younger and younger!! Rejuvenate to become younger or defeat possessed enemies to summon relics and earn relic points for upgrading relics!
◎Summon a family!!
Summon a family with different dreams to the fantasy world! Make your family’s dream come true
and earn more gold!!
◎Get different equipment!!
Strengthen weapons to upgrade equipment. Different equipment
has different abilities!! The appearance will also change so you can make your own Rejuvenation Kim!!
◎Collect illustration cards!
There are star points in illustration cards that appear with the story. Collect them for not only more fun, but also higher minimum damage!
◎Make various items!
You can gain materials by defeating monsters. Use materials to make auras, costumes, and other items!!
◎Ranking battles with people around the world!
Show off your skills against users around the world!

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GET_ACCOUNTS: This authority is needed to join game accounts and to link your game account with your Google account.

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